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  1. Hi, I'm an occasional reader of your blog..not too long ago I saw a link to you quilt guild. I'm in a guild in Illinois and am interested in the format your guild is a blog, right?..anyway, I can't find the link. Could you please send it to me? I would be most grateful. Thank you

  2. beginner quilter any advice on type of sewing machine to get?

  3. Anonymous, you're a no-reply comment so I can't email you directly. My brand of choice is a Bernina and that's what I own and use. I have 3 of them. However, I did sew on a little janome at a quilt retreat and it sewed pretty nice too. Not as expensive as a Bernina but the old saying, "You get what you pay for" kinda holds true. I have never seen anyone one who has good luck with the cheap machines they sell at Walmart. Good luck with the purchase and welcome to the world of quilting.

  4. I was just thinking about a baby quilt I need to shop for and think your patriotic block would be great!
    D Kirchoff

  5. Hi Doris., to favorites, it is the USA as well as the 3rd from bottom...can I pick two? HUMMMMM At any rate, I love you sense of design and use of colors.

    hope to be a winner, but congrats to that person if not me.

    if you have time: go to my website and check out the dolls made by me and given away to kids with cancer and other devastating things.

    they are free and so is postage. I am a 74 year old retired nurse, writer, sewer, etc etc.

    Thanks for sharing your blog

  6. I treasure 3 quilts made by my grandmother during the depression . Thank you for a chance to win . Happy Quilting :)

  7. Hi Doris. I received an email this morning with your address on it. When I opened it up there was a link. I didn't open THIS link because I got one before from someone I knew from blogland and I received a horrible virus from it. I thought you might like to know that someone is doing this. Hope it doesn't mess anything up for you.

  8. I have just opened my order. I ordered a 9" x 9" template. What I have received is a 9.5" x 9.5". This will not work for me. Can you replace it with a 9" x 9"? Becky

  9. I treasure 3 quilts made by my grandmother during the depression . Thank you for a chance to win . Happy Quilting :)


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