Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Quilting Eye Candy - Judy Niemeyer Total Eclipse

Let me re-introduce you to Queenie, aka the longarm quilting machine.  It's been so long since I've even spoken of her that maybe you've forgotten who she is.   She's not been forgotten or neglected here at her new home at the Queen's Rustic Retreat.  In fact, she's been working as hard as ever!  Which is why I haven't spoke of her or been posting much the last few months.  Between quilting for customers and getting the house in order for the retreats, I've been working much harder than this old gal would like to.  I think.... maybe... I can see some normalcy (if there is such a thing in my life) settling in.

One of my faithful customers, Linda brought me a Judy Niemeyer Total Eclipse quilt to custom quilt.  Linda does fabulous work, so it was no surprise this one was off the chart too.  She didn't like it so much though and said it took her almost 5 years to complete.  She referred to it as her "throw up" quilt.  She said every time she took it out to work on it, it just looked like the fabrics all threw up on each other.  She said there were so many fabrics and colors, it was just too much for her, which is why it took so long to complete.    I think you'll agree, it was worth diligence to get to the finish.

I used the quilting pattern set from Laurie Thomas at It's A Quilt Thing plus a modification of my own on another pattern to complete the quilting.  The thread is Glide Sand.

Linda and I received a first place ribbon at the Quiltfest 2016 show in New Braunfels TX.



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