Thursday, September 15, 2016

Last week at the Alamo Heritage Quilt Guild, this sweet lady was the guest speaker.  I was so excited when I sew her name on the program list.  I've been friends with Linda at Buzzing and Bumbling for several years.  The thing is, I've never met her in person.  We've been blog land friends all this time.  I couldn't wait to get to the meeting to meet her.

After my introduction to her, she was excited too.  She never dreamed she'd be meeting me there.  I didn't give her a heads up ahead of time.  Her first question to me was, well do I look like my profile on the blog.  Yes she sure does!

She presented a fabulous trunk show and showed us a neat method I have never tried for wax paper applique.  I can't wait to try her method.  Here are a few pictures of her beautiful quilts.  Sorry my photos don't do them justice.

You can find her patterns here.  Aren't they wonderful?  

It is so fun to be so close to her.  We have plans for future get togethers! 



  1. How nice to get to meet Linda! Her trunk show looks like it was great!

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