Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Polar Plunge

The King had a business meeting in St. Paul Minnesota at the Mother M headquarters.  Since my time with him is limited, I decided to go tag along and spend as much time with him as I could before the move.  I also had ulterior motives to tag along.  Our very best friends live just an hour west of St. Paul (he's a 3M'er too)  and two awesome, wonderful quilter friends live about an our north of St. Paul.  It was my chance to kill not 2 birds with one stone but 3 birds with one stone!

We had dinner with Jeff and Denise when we got into town on Saturday evening.  We ate at a little spot called "Matt's" in Minneapolis that has been featured on Man vs Food TV and is famous for their Jucy Lucy burgers.

I'll have to say the burger was pretty darn tasty!  They say "fear the cheese" and they are right.  One bite and it comes gushing out like hot molten cheese lava and it is DELICIOUS!!!  Of course, the best part was seeing old friends that we haven't seen in way too many years!  We picked up our conversations like it was yesterday.

Sunday we went to their house.  They live on a beautiful lake and have a fabulous view from anywhere in their home of the lake.  The day was perfect for a leisure ride on the pontoon boat. 

 Coming back in from our ride, Denise says, "Hey, we should go for a spin on the jet ski!"  Are you nuts Denise?  It is cold out there, we would get wet, what if we tipped over?  I'm not a daredevil at all and all I could think about was 'what if we tipped over'.  However, I didn't want to be the party-pooper.  The guys went for a spin first.  They came back and only their tootsie's were wet.  Okay, I could do this, after all, Denise promised not to go fast, she promised we wouldn't get wet, and she promised we wouldn't tip over..... she LIED!!!   We did all three!  

This is us before we left the dock on the jet ski.  As you can see, we both have life jackets on, as well as long pants and jackets.  

This is us after being rescued by the guys on the pontoon boat.  I don't even remember The King taking this photo or Denise posing for it.  But the next thing I knew, it's posted on Facebook and my son is texting me wanting to know "what the H*** are you doing?!!!

Neither of us can figure out how it happened.  We weren't going fast at the time, weren't doing anything fancy, weren't turning a sharp corner but we tipped!  And just for the record (pardon my language) that water was DAMN COLD!!!   (Keep in mind, we are in Minnesota, and the ice from the lake has only been melted for a couple of weeks.)  Once I caught my breath, I realized I had to start swimming toward the jet ski but little did I know, the jet ski was floating away from me and the harder I stroked to swim, it seemed the further it was from me.  Well, it was.  However I did catch up to it after I calmed down and about the same time the guys arrived on the pontoon boat.  It's a good thing because I don't think my big fat butt could have climbed back on that jet ski with all the heavy, wet clothing and jacket weighing me down.  Denise was even further away from it than I was!  After a warm shower and some warm dry clothes, needless to say, it made for a good laugh later and a memory we'll never forget.  

Remember the time we took the jet ski out and took the polar plunge.....

Day two in Minnesota wasn't nearly as eventful!  I met my quilting friends Barb and Deb for a fun filled day of charity sewing and quilting.  Come back tomorrow for a post about that.  In the mean time, don't forget about the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 13 Blog Tour going on now.  You can find my block here and you can find the complete schedule here.  There are prizes each day so be sure to visit every day this week. 



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