Thursday, May 26, 2016

Checking In

Boy, once you get out of the habit of blogging and posting almost daily, it's hard to get back into the swing of things.  Life has certainly been a journey for me the last few months.  I knew you were wondering what was going on so I thought I'd better pop in and bring you up to speed.

We FINALLY closed on the house on 5/12/16 in Texas, after numerous delays.  It's hard to deal with closing when the owner is out of the country and we are out of state.  It seems around every corner there was a little riffle, and lots of mis- communication between seller, title company, 2 realtors, lender, and buyer!  But we did it!!!

Then there was the moving fiasco.  I hired a local mover from our home town in Nevada, MO as he came in the lowest; however still shot the heck out of my moving budget though!  He got there and filled the truck .... and I still had lots of stuff left over that didn't fit!  UGH!!! (It wasn't his fault, it was mine for mis-judging how much stuff I had!  The King and William had to rent another truck; there goes the moving budget down the tubes again!  Then they had to load it and drive it to Texas from Illinois.  What a mess!  When they arrived, I thought I was going to cry when they opened up the back of that moving truck.  It looked like they had literally just chunked everything in.  There were only 2 broken items, some nicks and scratches, but I was reminded by my sister that I really was blessed.  After all, it was just things, and they made it safely!  She is so right.

I missed the King and William more than I ever thought I would.  It is so nice to have them both under one roof, even if it is short lived.  I take the King back to the airport next Tuesday (sad face and maybe a tear drop too).  William is here to stay though.  My parents are planning to come soon and my sister is coming to help me decorate the Queen's Rustic Retreat in late June.  We have a target date to open July 1st, and we even have our first workshop scheduled.  You can read about it here.

There is SO much to do with the house to get ready for guests for the retreats.  Nothing major, just lots of stuff.  Yesterday we finally made a decision on the tables for the workroom and purchased them.  They will be delivered next week.  Today we made a decision on the workroom chairs and have them ordered.  This weekend we hope to make a decision on the beds.  Then all we'll need are linens.  I think I have enough quilts for all the beds.  I'll post pictures as soon as things are picture worthy to post.  Keep popping in for the latest updates.

Oh, and Queeney is set up and and ready to quilt again.  It didn't take my customers long to figure that out.  One has already dropped a quilt off, another is coming on Saturday, and the mailman brought me three.  I'd better get busy!



  1. Welcome back Doris! I missed you! I know just how you feel about getting back into blogging. Life gets in the way! Just last week I saw on the news about a family that hired a mover from Craigslist to pack up their house and move them across the country. Guess what? The movers never showed up at the new house...ever! Everything they owned had been stolen. So at least your possessions made it to Texas and you are settling in. Show us pics of your sewing room when it's ready!

  2. This endeavour sounds Awesome!
    U also seem to be a multi-talented + many-faceteted, very interesting Queen! �� {Granny Bear (Google)}

  3. Heya Doris, This Applique Queen is missing the Quilting Queen... :) I am glad to hear your getting settled in and I am hoping you will be blogging again very soon. I have a quilt project or two that need quilting, want some business. :)


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