Sunday, April 24, 2016

Quilting Eye Candy 04-24-16

Here is a little more Quilting Eye Candy for you.  I did some custom quilting for B and B Quilt Shop in Buda, Texas for the Bluebonnet Shop Hop.

I didn't get to attend the Bluebonnet Shop Hop this year but you an read about it here. It's always a fun shop hop and one I look forward to each year.  The girls at B and B used my Traffic Jam pattern to make their store sample for the shop hop.  I even replaced the cover photo with this one for them just for the shop hop.  You can find the pattern for the Traffic Jam quilt here.

They also had this one as a shop sample that I quilted for them.  I really like the photos.  It makes a great wall hanging.

It's hard to see it, but there are bluebonnets quilted in the tan sepia background.  



  1. Oh, the perfect pattern to showcase the Tx wild flowers and western scenes! I just went to the few shops that were close by me during the hop. It was fun to see so many excited ladies milling about.


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