Friday, March 4, 2016

Texas Beauties

I'm just a couple of days late.  Not too bad for me since I'm usually a day late and lots of dollars short.  Wednesday was Texas Independence Day.  I knew it was but it slipped my mind.  When you're out of the element, things like that tend to do that.  Anyway, in honor of Texas Independence Day, I thought I'd share a few of my Texas Beauties with you.  I know you've seen most of them from time to time but they're so beautimous I had to share them again!  This antique cabinet is full of Texas Beauties Quilts.  

All of these quilts, plus a few more are part of my Texas Beauties Trunk Show.  There are all sizes from small wall hangings to large bed size quilts.  They are no particular order, just as I took photos of them.  

This one is called Luvin Texas and hangs in the Texas room.  I won't narrate all the quilts, just enjoy their beauty in the pictures.  

And can you believe I don't have one single quilt made from my very own pattern I sell.  Apparently I've given them all away!  So guess what I'm working on as a leader/ender project?  If you'd like this pattern  or the one above you can get it here.  

And I saved the best for last... well at least the best subject for last.  This is his favorite quilt.  It took a lot of years for him to get it.  I kept making it and giving it away before he could get his hands on it.  
If you're a member of a quilt guild and would like to see the Texas Beauties Trunk Show at your guild, please contact me.  I'm taking bookings now.  I can also teach a workshop to go along with the Texas Beauties Trunk Show if you'd like.  The Texas Beauties Trunk Show is also available for Grand Openings for Quilt Shops or any special occasion.  

Have a great weekend Y'ALL!!!


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