Monday, March 14, 2016

Quilting Eye Candy 03-14-16

Before I left on our trip to San Antonio, I was busy, busy, busy trying to finish some quilts that I wanted to deliver to my customers down there.  Postage is outrageous and since I fly Southwest and can check 2 bags for free, I really wanted to save that money.

Lane made this really large quilt.  She says she's so excited to get it bound.  She doesn't have a summer quilt for her bed and now she does.

Quilting Pattern:  Pretty Daisies from Sweet Dreams Studio
Quilting Thread:  Glide Light Turquoise

Kathleen is ready for Christmas already!  A lap quilt that's perfect to cuddle with.

Quilting Pattern:  Modern Christmas Tree from Wasatch Quilting
Quilting Thread:  Glide Kiwi Green

Kathleen also made this Valentine quilt; a nice lap size quilt.

Quilting Pattern:  Hearts One from Wasatch Quilting
Quilting Thread:  Glide Jamaican Sun

Beth is such a good sister.  She made this batik lap quilt for her brother for his birthday.

Quilting pattern:  Maze from Wasatch Quilting
Quilting Thread: Glide Aloe Green

I have a few more to share on another post.  Have a great week!



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