Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Junktique Shopping

Over the weekend, The King and I did a little Thrift Store/Flea Market shopping.  I wasn't looking for anything in particular, however I did have a few things I was keeping my eye out for.  I love the thrill of the hunt and finding a good bargain.  The King, he's such a good sport, it's really not his favorite thing to do.  But... he goes along and does it anyway.

I was keeping my eye open for some yardsticks.  I have a project in mind for them and need about 20 or so.  I already have 9 that I'd picked up over the years.  I can't believe how many I've passed up at garage sales and auctions, thinking that I really didn't need another yardstick.  I managed to find a few more this weekend.  As soon as I collect enough, I'll work on my project and share it with you in a blog post.

I also keep my eye open for Longaberger Baskets.  I picked up a couple of these.  They weren't a "steal" but they were a good buy!

I scored another Easter basket for $12

A 2007 Sweat Treats Christmas Basket, with liner, protector, and lid for $15

And a commemorative Sycamore Illinois basket, protector, lid, and tag for $20.

I passed up several others... The King wouldn't let me get them all.... okay maybe he would have but I know my limits.

He picked up a wooden golf club.  I was surprised he picked it up and bought it.

I also watch for antique irons and antique quilts.  I didn't find any irons I didn't already have and no antique quilts.

I didn't buy this but I thought it was really neat.  It's a framed Sewing Machine Patent.  I thought it was a little pricey so I passed on it.

Not a bad weekend shopping!



  1. Sounds like fun! I haven't done that in a long time! You got some great stuff! Look forward to seeing what clever thing you do with the yardsticks.

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