Monday, February 1, 2016

Quilting Eye Candy 2-01-16

There has been some diligent quilting going on in the Queen's Palace.  So far I've quilted 4 of the 11 quilts I picked up in Texas last week.

This one is from Margaret.  She always does the nicest piecing job and many times pieces her backings too.  This one was no exception.  

Quilting Pattern:  Maze by Wasatch Quilting
Quilting Thread:  Glide Pearl

I think I like the back as much as the front.  

Anita made this for a little girl.  She says it's going to be used as a nap quilt at preschool.  

Quilting Pattern:  Sweethearts B2B by Anne Bright
Quilting Thread:  Glide Pearl

Janie made this Valentine quilt and I got it quilted just in time for Valentine's Day.

Quilting Pattern:  Hearts One
Quilting Thread:  Glide Pearl

Vickie made this quilt for her daughter who moved to Oregon last fall.  It's called The Long Road Home.  (How appropriate!) And,  I love it... it has nine patches in the pattern. 

Quilting Pattern:  Meandering Feathers by Wasatch Quilting
Quilting Thread:  Glide Mocha

I hope you enjoyed the Quilting Eye Candy.  Of course there's more to come next week.  


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