Sunday, February 28, 2016

More Farmers Wives Blocks

I've managed to get 10 more Farmers Wives blocks finished.  If my counting is correct, I only have 2 more to make.  I would have had them finished while I was at Hollie's in Yuma, AZ last week but I somehow didn't cut enough half square triangles for the other two blocks.  

These 4 blocks are #72 Railroad, #62 Old Windmill, #69 Practical Orchard, and #48 Homeward Bound.

These 4 are # #98 Waterwheel, #70 Prairie Queen, #73 Rainbow Flowers, and #81 Snowball.

And the last two are blocks #56 Maple Leaf and #102 Whirpool.

I just need to make #101 Wedding Ring and #88 Star of Hope.

Tomorrow is Leap Day.  As you know it only comes along once every 4 years.  Leap Day is extra special at our house.  William was born on Leap day 20 years ago.  I had so much trouble having him that my doctor thought I should name him Jethro!  I think not!    We named him William Hunter Rice instead.  

Leap Day is also extra special for another reason.  It gives you one extra day out of the year to sew on something. What are you going to work on?



  1. Beautiful blocks! How fun to have a leap year baby, especially one that isn't named Jethro. :O)

  2. Hello,
    I've seen your Farmer's Wife blocks on FB. Now I've take a walk on your wonderful blog. I'll come back soon to see the progress of your blocks
    Have a nice day in your sewing room
    (from the middle of Germany)


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