Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Hard Lesson Learned

I've been a little MIA (missing in action).  I flew to Arizona to see the grandkids last Sunday.  I had a good lineup of blog posts drafted and just needed to tweek them a little before I published them.  I was in the process of doing so on Monday when my lesson struck.

I was helping Raleigh with some sewing.  I had my laptop plugged in to charge.  Being the clutz I am, I tripped over the cord when I went around the table to help her and pulled my laptop off onto the floor.  YIKES!!!!

When I picked it up and opened it, this is what I saw.... UH OH!!!  (That's not exactly what I said but that's the appropriate version for the blog.

I called my go to tech guy, aka William and he walked me through a few things.... with no luck.  I called Apple, who walked me through the same steps William just did... no luck.  They made an appointment for me to take it to the "Genius Bar", aka the closest Apple Store.  The Genius guys made the following conclusion.

It's either a hard drive bracket which will be about $50 or it's the hard drive, which will be $150.  Either way I was surprised it wasn't more $$.  Here's were the Hard Lesson Learned comes in.  "Do you have a back up of your laptop?"  UMMM... no I do not.  OH SNAP!!!

They called and it WASN'T my hard drive bracket.  They called back and yes it's my hard drive but here's the kicker.  If I want my old hard drive back to 'POSSIBLY' be able to retrieve some of my files, it will be another $70.  Are you serious??? I have to pay you $70 for a part that is coming off my laptop, that already belongs to me and has been paid for with the purchase of said laptop.  Yes, mamme, that is correct.  We discount our parts to begin with so we have to charge you if you want the part back.  I argued with them but to no avail.  I paid the $70 begrudgingly.  I don't know if William can get any of my files but I sure hope so.

So now I have a brand new hard drive in my laptop, but I have ZERO files or programs such as EQ7 or Microsoft office (word and excel).  I have to start from scratch.  I have no favorites, no bookmarks,  no patterns, no photos, no nothing!!!  So, bear with me the next few days/weeks while I get everything re-created.

Oh, the bright side, I only spent $200 instead of much, much more for a new laptop.



  1. I've had the blue screen of death overtake my laptops, several times! Once a friend was able to save everything from my computer to his computer and give it back to me on a thumb drive - this was after paying the "pros" to recover the data unsuccessfully. I use a cloud-based company to save my hard drive, but it will not save my bookmarks. I've found that even the cloud-based company doesn't save everything - I lost programs and files. If I want to save pictures, I email them to myself to an email I set up just for that. I hope they are successful in retrieving everything important to you that you have on your computer.

  2. I almost lost everything a couple of years ago too - I got most of it back, but not all. I now use dropbox to save everything from quilt patterns to ebooks to photos. They give a certain amount of storage for free, so you can try it out first. I also use google chrome as my internet browser and I discovered by accident, that as I have it linked to my google+ account even if I get a new laptop all of bookmarks/favourites will still be there as they're saved by google, not your device, so as soon as I signed in on my new laptop, there the all were!
    That sound like one of those awful spam ads doesn't it? I promise it's not - I don't work for either company, I just learned the hard way to have a backup.

  3. I was tech support for teachers at a school where I used to work. I preached backup backup backup. Things happen and data recovery is expensive and not always recoverable. One teacher learned that with a very harsh lesson. I also recommended keeping a backup off site. This was all before cloud storage. Do you have things in the cloud?

  4. I had close to the same problem about three weeks ago. Only my whole computer was toast. So disgusting!! Now an external hard drive is my new friend. Lesson learned.


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