Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tips, Tricks, and Tuts Tuesday - First Aid for Your Rulers

I thought I'd share a quickie tip on Tips, Tricks, and Tuts Tuesday - First Aid for Your Rulers.  How many times does your ruler slip and you cut incorrectly.  Although my tip won't guarantee you'll not slip anymore, I can tell you it certainly does help.

All you'll need is a roll of this tape. It's called Nexcare Clear Tape made by 3M.  Oh and the King will love you if you buy this tape.

Now apply a piece or two or more anywhere you'd like on your ruler.  I put a piece about 1 1/2" long on the corner of my Easy Angle Ruler.  Then I flipped it over and put another piece on the other side.  Normally I don't put it on both sides but this ruler uses both sides.  

I have it on almost all my rulers.  I love it!  Get you some first aid tape and give your rulers some TLC first aid care.


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