Thursday, January 7, 2016

Some Sewing Time

One of the things, actually the main thing we gave our granddaughter Raleigh for Christmas was a sewing machine.  She has been begging for her own sewing machine for a couple of years now.   I had every intention of giving her a Bernina 830 that my dad picked up at an auction for a song... $15 but there was one little problem.... how do I get it on an airplance and take it to Arizona.  It just seemed like too much hassle.... so I found this nice Brother Sewing Machine at Costco.

 There was a Costco in Arizona and it would be much easier to get it to their house if I purchased it there.  So I did.  I also had an ulterior motive for purchasing said machine.  I could use it as well when I went to Arizona.  Plus her momma might actually sew something if she had a machine readily available.

It's a very nice machine, and sews a perfect stitch.  I actually enjoyed sewing on it what little time Raleigh would let me.

We made a pillow case for her room using the hot dog pillowcase method.  You can see the tutorial here.   She has a hot pink/lime green theme going on and some owls too.  

She picked the perfect fabric to go with it all.  

Can you see how happy she is to be sewing?

She did a fabulous job!  It turned out perfect.  


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  1. That is awesome! I bet she had a great time seeing with you!

    I bought this same machine last fall and it is a workhorse. I needed one to leave in Brownwood when I was working and then would have my other machines when I was able to get home to Canyon Lake. Great choice!


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