Saturday, January 30, 2016

One Word 2016

Patty at Elm Street Quilts proposed a challenge at the beginning of the month.... it is just one simple word for 2016 ....  one little word that is your focus for 2016 ...

I thought about it a long time, actually almost all month long, trying to come up with the perfect word for 2016... It finally came to me a couple of days ago.

My word for 2016 is GROW!

I want to GROW is all sorts of ways in 2016.  I want to grow my charity quilts and give more.  I want to grow my blog and have more followers.  I want to grow my engagement with my followers.  I want to grow my pattern business.  I'd like to say I want to grow my travels but the King thinks my travels have grown enough.  I want to grow as a person.  I want to grow.

I have hung my Grow word for 2016 on my wall opposite my quilting machine.  I'll be able to see it daily to remind me to keep my focus and GROW!

So what is your Word for 2016?  What is your one word focus?



  1. Good word, and you on the ball with keeping it in front of you. ZZI finall picked mine last and still haven't finished my mini.

  2. I love the word you chose for the year. It something that we all need to focus on. It looks great up there on your wall. Thanks for entering Elm Street Quilts Word 16.

  3. What a great choice, Doris! I really like how you expanded each letter to show its meaning. Life is too short to stay stagnant and not learn or do something new everyday! I'm with you this one!


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