Monday, January 25, 2016

In Our Garden Blog Hop Love

Look what I got in the mail while I was gone!  How sweet it is to be loved by you Timeless Treasures!  Thank you so much Timeless Treasures for donating!  And thank you Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy for securing the donation!

They are fabrics for me to create my blocks for the upcoming In Our Garden Blog Hop coming very soon.

February is almost here so it will be starting soon!  But wait, where did January go?  

I've seen some of the blocks some of the other designers have made and .... well, let's just say they are over the top cute and adorable!  You must come back Feb. 1st to see the first month, and then of course every month thereafter.  You can find all the details here.  

But wait.... there's more....  Amy is kicking off the In Our Garden Blog Hop with a sneak peak and a giveaway!  You can find the details here.  Now that's a great start to a fabulous blog hop!  



  1. That looks like a bundle of fun!! Great sponsor!!

  2. I'm so jealous of your beautiful bundle, and excited for this hop to begin.

  3. Your bundle is so bright and colorful! Those will be such fun to make your blocks with.

  4. That fabric bundle is beautiful! Is there a name for it on the Timeless Treasures website so we can look it up or did you curate it yourself?
    Thank you.


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