Thursday, January 28, 2016

Homeless Quilt Has A Home

In June of 2014, I posted about a homeless quilt that needed a home.  You can read about it here.  Well, that quilt has found it's home and is on its way back where it belongs.

I made several attempts to find the owners and thought I had succeeded but then it ended with no response.  Or at least that's what I thought.  Then last November, right after Thanksgiving, I received a call from a man that said his cousin had received my plea for a home for the homeless quilt.  The signatures on the quilt were his family.  He was so excited to have found the quilt and I was even more excited to have found a family member it belonged to.   He suspected that a certain aunt made the quilt and sadly she passed away last year.  He says she made a lot of quilts and a lot of them are missing.  He visited with me on the phone for a long time, telling me lots of stories about some of the names on that quilt.  He was so happy, I thought he was going to cry (and maybe he did, I would have!).  The ironic thing about this is that this man lives in Brownwood, Texas where I used to live and his sister-in-law is one of my quilting customers.  I guess I never mentioned it to her that I had this homeless quilt.  

Their last name is Hale and there are several names on the quilt with the last name of Hale.  But he could name almost all the names on the quilt as relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.)

I promised to mail the homeless quilt back to him after I got home... and I forgot! Then I remembered at Christmas time but when I got back home, I couldn't find the quilt.  I knew it was here in a box somewhere and I searched high and low to no avail.  Plus I was running out of time to find it before I left to go on vacation in Texas.

So now I'm back home again and I was on a mission to find the homeless quilt.  I finally did and it's now in a box on it's way back to Brownwood TX.  He invited me to his family reunion, held every year in Brownwood and wanted to introduce me to all his family as their quilt finder hero.  I hate it that I won't be able to attend.


  1. I so good to hear such a sweet story with a good ending for a change. Great Job.

  2. So very glad that the quilt found its way back to the right family!! Just another reason to label our quilts with our full name and at least the city and state! Well done!!!


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