Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cotton Boll Quilting

I had to earn my keep while I was in San Antonio.  Ok, I didn't "have" to but my friend Susan, asked me if I'd like to come stay with her a couple of days and help her out.  Susan owns Cotton Boll Quilting and is also a longarmer and a SASSI (San Antonio Statler Stitcher Innovators) sister.  In other words she has a quilting machine just like mine.  She also has a fabulous online quilt shop and is open for business by appointment  in her home if you live in the area.  I really wish I lived in the area but maybe it's a good thing I don't right now.  I'd be broke, even more than I already am!!!

Would you like to see a tidbit of what she has to offer?

This is a kit using Northcott Fabrics from the Shimmer line and the pattern is called Stepping Up.  Isn't is fabulous!

Lots of kits being cut....  These are kits for Pat Sloan's Mystery Quilt Colorway #1, using fabrics from from Mon Ami for Moda and Varsity for Moda Fabrics.

This is a block using the fabrics from Pat Sloan for the 2016 Mystery My Secret Garden in Colorway #2, using fabrics from her line Hometown Girl.

More NEW Shimmer colors

Batik Wide Backs

This is Quarter Foil using fabrics from Aloha Girl for Moda Fabrics.  It's available in a kit.  It's also available in Lady Slipper Lodge by Hollie Taylor for Moda Fabrics.

Another kit using fabrics from Draw Near by J Wecker Frisch for Quilting Treasures

And Angel Band fabrics by J Wicker Frisch.  She also has the line of fabrics "She Who Sews" by J Wecker Frisch as well. 

This one is Blueberry Hill pattern by Villa Rosa using a precut 2 1/2" strip pack of Island Batiks.

Cotton Boll Quilting has fabrics everywhere, in her living room...

In the hallway....

Going up the steps...

In the former office.... a whole room FULL of batiks....

in the former dining room....

A girl after my own heart.... red/white/blue....

And Texas fabric....


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