Monday, December 28, 2015

UFO's and Flimsies

I think an intervention might be in order.  I'm not sure what possessed me to do this but something did.   I made a list of all of my UFO's (I think) and my Flimsies (un quilted quilt tops).  I gotta do something about all this!  It's crazy!

I have 32 --thirty two-- UFO projects.  Here they are in no particular order and the approximate date I started them, or a date I made up.  I took a few pictures of some of the UFO's.  Some of them I am so excited to get out and finish.  But there are a few that I'm thinking I'm going to have a hard time finishing as they just don't excite me too much anymore.  However, I'm determined!

1.  Grand Illusion Halloween Mystery - December 2014
2.  Moda Shuffle Sampler - December 2015
3.  Alleitare Mystery Quilt - December 2015
4.  Dear Jane, Red/White/Blue - 2011 I've been working on this one off and on lately.
5.  Dear Jane, 30's - 2012
6.  Kiss in the Corner - July 2015  I'm taking this one to Retreat in a couple of weeks.  I hope to have it finished soon.
7.  Midnight Flight - July 2015
8.  May Flowers - July 2015
9.  Thanks To You - July 2015
10.  Austin Bluebird BOM - February 2015  Just collecting BOM's.  Haven't even made one single month!
11.  Modern Dutchman Bonus Project - May 2015
12.  9 Patch Postage (Leaders and Enders) - October 2015
13.  Farmer's Wives BOM - January 2014  I'm taking these blocks to retreat as well.
14.  Sew Along Bag - October 2014 - It's going to the retreat.
15.  Kite Strings - September 2014

16.  Stars & Stripes Sampler - September 2012

17.  Texas Pieced Applique - 2011

18.  Hollie & Kyle's Wedding Quilt -  September 2011 - I still need to embroider the center block and 5 signature blocks before I can proceed.  Oh and maybe come up with a design on how to set them together.

19.  Very Hungry Caterpillar - 2014
20.  One Fabric Block -
21.  Christmas Placemats - October 2009
22.  Snowman A-Z BOM - 2013  All the blocks are embroidered.  Just need to set them together and add borders.  It's going to the retreat.
23.  Crown Jewels BOM - 2009
24.  Row by Row H2O 2015 - July 2015
25.  Spring Bouquet BOM - 2010 - I thought all the blocks were appliqued down.  Hmmmm.... nope....2 are all done, 5 are ironed down, and 2 are still in the packages.  Several have told me the borders take longer than the 9 blocks.  Ugh!  It's so pretty!  I've got to finish this!

26.  Devin's T-Shirt Quilt - 2014 - It's designed and t-shirts are cut out and some have stablizer applied.  
27.  Rectangles and Pinwheels - 2014
28.  Swimsuit Babes - January 2014
29.  Texas Proud - 2013
30.  Rhonda's Denim Quilt - September 2015
31.  Log Cabin Houses - January 2013 - Need to make 2 more houses and 2 more log cabins.  It's going to the retreat with me too.
32.  Sweet Water Feed Co. BOM - January 2014  Just collected BOM's for each month.  The quilt is a small lap quilt.  I have enough lap quilts.  I'm making it bigger.  See the fat eight's pack in the back.

We could personalize one of the months.  This is what I did... "Rice" for our name; quite appropriate for a Feed Company Quilt and "DeKalb" for our location at the time; which has a dual meaning as well.  Some of you "farm" wives will recognize that DeKalb is the headquarters for "DeKalb Corn Seed" until Monsanto bought them out a few years ago.  

There are a couple on here that I don't intend to finish in 2016 like the two Dear Jane Quilts, The Texas Proud Quilt (it has lots of hand embroidery on it) and maybe the Leaders and Enders project.  Even if I finish half of them that would be a great accomplishment!

Here are my Flimsies.  I've whittled them down quite a bit in 2015 but I still have 17!

1.  Pumpkins Bitty Block Wall Hanging
2.  Five and Dime Quilt
3.  Flowerpot Sampler Quilt
4.  Ugly Lone Star Quilt
5.  Americana Wall Hanging
6.  Lone Star Sampler Quilt
7.  Seasonal Sampler Quilt
8.  Cotton Club Sampler Quilt
9.  Dick & Jane Quilt
10.  Seasonal Sampler (Yes another one)
11.  Calico Scrappy Quilt
12.  Card Trick Baby Quilt
13.  Nursery Rhyme Baby Quilt
14.  Halloween Wall Hanging
15.  Hearts A Flutter Wall Hanging
16.  Bluebonnet Quilt
17.  Lovers Knot Wall Hanging

Of course you realize if I finish any of the UFO's they become a Flimsy and my Flimsies number increases.  I guess that's a good thing??!!!

How many UFOs do you have?  Do you have plans to finish them in 2016?



  1. Good grief, that's a lot of UFO's! It sounds like you don't really like some of them any more - you could try the Quilty Orphan Adoption Event here:
    The next one is in March, you link up a UFO you don't want and give it to someone who does.
    You could also try not letting yourself start a new project this year until you have finished an old one, that way at least your list wouldn't get any longer even if it doesn't shrink!
    Good luck and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress this year.

  2. Actually........ I'm kinda glad you posted this! I'm definitely in your league baby! I'm sure I've got just as many UFO's as you do! Lol! The really scary part is that even knowing how many UFO's are in my stash, I look around at a magazine that has just come in or a new book or the beautiful pictures online and think.... "Oh, I want to make that! I've got fabric in my stash (but I may have to run to the fabric shop for just one more piece to finish it out properly)" oh my. We've got this infection of "quiltitis" bad don't we?

  3. That's a lot! But you have good company! I'm working on a UFO right now!


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