Friday, December 11, 2015

Stash Building

I know I should be stash BUSTING instead of stash BUILDING, but these fabrics were just too good to pass up, say nothing about the price.  Look what I picked up.

I have talked about going to the neighboring town of El Dorado Springs, MO where there is an "old fashioned variety store" called Ehlers Variety.  Ehlers carries flat fold fabrics, lots of flat fold fabrics, and they are all $3.99 a yard, all day, every day!!! A large portion of the flat folds are not branded fabrics, don't always have a soft touch to the hand, and sometimes a little on the thin side.  And then there are some really nice fabrics like these.  

The pink on the top is a backing for a flimsy I have in the closet.  

"Marblehead Venetian Glass" by Ro Gregg for Paintbrush Studio... I got 4 years each of these 3 prints.

A neutral by Fabri Quilt.  I think there was 5 yards in this piece

Another Paintbrush Studio fabric and 5 yards in this piece.

And another Fabri Quilt piece.  I got 4 yards of this one too.

I really wanted several more pieces but I figured I'd spent enough the way it was.  Plus I wasn't sure how I was going to get all this home.  I'd need another suitcase!  Maybe I'll go back and see what's left or maybe they're have new stuff in when I go back home for Christmas.  Shhh... nobody tell the King!



  1. When you go home for Christmas, pack a smaller bag inside a larger bag, so you leave with just one bag, but have a second bag available for the return trip!!! You did well on your SEX (Stash Enhancement eXpedition)!!

  2. Some great finds there! What a fun and frugal way to build your stash.


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