Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Quilting Eye Candy 12-02-15 & Happenings in the Palace

There's never a dull moment in the Queen's Palace....

Including racoons in the basement window wells.... Yes, you read that correctly!  William woke up on Friday evening/Saturday morning to a ruckus in the basement window well.   Come morning light, this is what we found.  Now (a) how did he get in there...  we have wooden homemade window well covers for the openings and let me tell you those babies are HEAVY!... but more importantly (b) how are we going to get him out?  At first observation, we thought it was a HUGE ground hog.  We could never get a good look at his face or his tail.  But alas, nope, not a groundhog,  one GIGANTIC racoon.  We called the wildlife conservation dept, who came out to the house on Monday.  He initial response when he peeked in the hole was "Holy cow, the rascal IS huge!"  I told him it was!  He lowered the window covering down in the hole sideways and said the racoon should come be able to climb up the ramp and get out soon.  He was right.  Later that evening William checked and he was gone.  Whoo Hoo!!  I'm so relieved!

William decided to "tinker" with 2 old lap tops in hopes of making 1 good one... his plan to quite go as successful as he had hoped but he did get one laptop out of the deal.  One of the laptops was perfectly good but the hinge is broken and has been replaced once to the tune of $100+.  Not doing that again.  

And I got to wear flip flops again.... even if I had to go all the way to Missouri and it was only 1 day.  Never leave home without them.  

And cheers to my best friend from high school.... She came home to Missouri from South Texas to visit her dad for Thanksgiving and I came home from North Illinois to visit my parents for Thanksgiving.  Fun times!  Looking forward to meeting up with 2 more from the group from high school for dinner this week too.  

And finally, a little more quilting came my way.

Janie in Brownwood TX made this small Christmas Quilt.

I quilted "Holly" from One Song Needle in Glide Sand (gold) thread.

Janie also made this fall lap quilt.  

All leaves was quilted with Shades of Olive thread

Kathleen made this super simple modern quilt.  If I'm guessing she used a fat quart pack for most of it.

It's so soft and warm and cuddly... made from flannel

Mixed leaves was quilted with Mustard yellow thread

Another super simple modern quilt from Kathleen...

I quilted the pattern R&R Nested in Hawaiian blue thread

Marijane made this quilt using the pattern Yellow Brick Road which she calls the Red Brick Road....

Of course I used one of my favorite edge to edge patterns, R & R Nested in Pearl thread.



  1. Lots of quilty goodness, indeed!

  2. This is all freemotion quilting right? It's so perfect.
    This is an inspiration to me. I just did my first FMG
    on a small Christmas quilt with hearts. Gotta long way to go.
    Have a great Christmas and be safe.


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