Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Living Christmas Tree

Every year, for quite a number of years, my mom and my Aunt Del have gone to the Living Christmas Tree Performance in Joplin MO at Ozark Christian College.  I've never been able to go as it is so close to Christmas and I just couldn't come home at Thanksgiving and then again for that and then again for Christmas.

Well, this year I stayed a week after Thanksgiving, not to go to the Living Christmas Tree Performance but for other reasons.  One was to see a friend from Texas that was in town visiting her dad and another was to be with my Aunt Del and Uncle Roy when he had surgery to remove some cancer spots on his lung and lympth glands.  I also got a much needed haircut to fix the worst haircut I got in DeKalb about 6 weeks ago.

As luck would have it, the Living Christmas Tree Performance was while I was there.  Aunt Del was unable to go due to Uncle Roy still being in the hospital so there was an extra ticket.   It was a really nice program; lots of singing and a play presented called "Are You Missing Baby Jesus".  The singing was fabulous --- of course!  And the play was cute, funny, and a wonderful message delivered.    

I'm so glad I went and enjoyed the time I spent with my mom.  


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