Monday, December 21, 2015

Jolly Rancher Trial

It's been a busy place here in the Queen's Palace.  I'm trying to pack for our trip to Missouri and then on to Arizona, I'm trying to prep for an upcoming retreat in January, I'm trying to finish up last minute gifts, wrap the presents, bake some cookies... you know, you're probably trying to do similar things at your house too.

William had finals this last week and was studying hard for them.  That hard work paid off for him.  He got all "A's" on every final he took and finished the semester with grades of 4 "B's" and one "A" in his classes.  A great improvement over his last semester of classes at Missouri State.  I'm really proud of him.  He was so much more focused this time and it shows.  He's looking forward to his 4 weeks of break from classes.  I'm looking forward to it as it most likely will mean he'll help me a little more with my pattern designing and blog.

He's celebrating by doing this...  One of his gaming buddies online was making this, so of course he had to try it too.  It's Jolly Rancher Vodka!

He started with a bag of Jolly Rancher candies, a bottle of Vodka, and 4 empty bottles.

He sorted the candies into like piles, picking blue raspberry, watermelon, cherry, and green apple flavors.   He unwrapped them, and placed 12 of the same kind into each bottle.

Topped it off with Vodka....

Put the lid on and let it set for 24-48 hours....

The candies dissolve and flavor the Vodka.  

I personally am not a Vodka fan, expect in an occasional Bloody Mary, but William, the Mixologist,  said they were pretty good.  He mixed them with Sprite and said his favorite was the cherry.  His least favorite was the green apple.  I can imagine that.  I'm not a green apple fan or a Vodka fan! 

Cheers to a Merry Christmas! 


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  1. Isn't it wonderful when your child turns his grades around like that and does so well at college? How proud you must be, I'm sure. I wasn't sure one of my twins would get through college much less graduate from the ISU, but then went on to Law School graduating from there, and then going beyond that to obtain a 2nd Law degree beyond the first. All of those schools he was consistently on the Dean's list so I know the feeling very well when you let your little boy go out into the world to attend college and you worry and wonder how well he'll do and he totally surprises you. Of course, as a Mom, we always hope they'll do well and sometimes we're surprised at how well they actually do and all without our help. I guess that means we've done something right while raising them ya know. Congrats on him doing so well!

    So? I am not a Vodka drinker myself either but I'm dying to know how all of these experiments tasted. Did they taste like Jolly Rancher flavored Vodka or just a bland fruity flavored Vodka? I love the cherry Jolly Ranchers and am already wondering how doing this to those and using it in a punch might be. Years ago I used to make a Brandy Slush mix that would stay in the freezer and when you wanted some, you took an ice cream scoop of the slushy mix and then mixed it with your choice of soda like a Sour, or 7Up, Sprite, or Ginger Ale and it was always so good. I'm wondering how that mix would be with this Vodka instead of the Brandy. Hmmmmmm might have to try it. Thanks for the idea.

    I hope you get all your running around done and can then just relax and have a wonderful Christmas Doris.


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