Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Decorating

Boy oh Boy am I ever behind on my Christmas decorating.  With Thanksgiving so late in the month and then me staying an extra week in Missouri with my parents, I'm really behind.  I came home and woke up with a cold and that has really slowed me down as well.  I finally got one tree up and decorated.  I started with the easy one.... my Texas tree in the Texas room.  It's an artificial tree with pre-lit lights on it.  All I have to do is put 3 pieces together, add decorations, and Ta Da!  I'm done.

Here are a few of my favorite ornaments on the tree....

As luck would have it, it's also the tree that's seen from the street so at least my neighbors won't think the new folks on the block are Mr. and Mrs. Scrooge.

The main tree in the house is always a fresh cut tree.  It's decorated with all the family keepsake ornaments, mostly all of them homemade by my mom and me.  I've decided since it's so late, I'm not going to put it up.  We will leave around the 20th to go to Missouri for Christmas and will go to Arizona to Hollie's right after that so there's not much point in going to all that time and work, especially since I'm so far behind on everything else.  It's kinda sad and I'm sure I'll regret not putting it up.  I mostly miss the memories I recall as I put each ornament on the tree.

I did put my Santa Belly placemats and pot holders on the island to add a little more festivity.

I can't believe I have so many Christmas decorations and this is all I'm putting out this year.  I may have to go find at least 1 nativity set and put it out too.  At least when I get to mom and dad's she will have it decorated to the nine's and I can enjoy hers.

The outside decor is always the King's job (with my supervision of course).  I told him to just put net lights on the bushes in front of the porch, a wreath on the door, and a wreath on the mailbox at the street and call it good.  He did that and then decided the porch needed icicle lights.  He put those up and then decided the porch columns needed wrapped with lights.  So he did that too.  It does look festive.  It isn't how I would have done it (I would have alternated the lights on the columns or made them all alike) but it's done and we won't be accused of being Mr. and Mrs. Scrooge.  All the houses except 2 on our circle have lights.  Thank goodness we're not one of them.  Ok Houston, we have a problem.  The lights worked for 2 hours last evening, then it started raining, a lot!  Now none of the lights work!  To quote the King "It's dark outside and I'm not messing with it in the dark.  It will have to wait for another day!".  He's not a happy King about his lights.

Oh well, it's the thought that counts right?  Do you have all your Christmas decorating finished?



  1. Finished? I haven't started! My mum's birthday is on the 19th, so nothing goes up until the 21st. Your Texas tree looks great.

  2. Everybody on your block is gonna think your a Texas transplant ! LOL ! I guess because you are. It looks pretty.

  3. I decorate a little every day. Jolly Texas Santa 8-). Like the place mats too.


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