Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Allietare Mystery Quilt

Ok, why not start at least one more UFO for 2015.  Yep, I'm doing the Allietare Mystery Quilt with Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville.  You can do it too if you want.  You can find it here.

There are my fabric choices.  Yes, I'm a rebel once again.  I'm doing it in my own version of colors.  They're pretty close to Bonnie's.  Her colors were neutrals, golds, blacks, reds, and constant gray.

Mine are neutrals (the same), golds (the same), reds (the same) black greens and my constant gray black.... all with a Christmas theme.

Here's a close up of my constant gray black.

Reds ... I think I need a few more with a more Christmas-y theme.

Greens (Bonne's black) .... again need more Christmas-y ones....

Golds... they really are more gold than the picture shows them to be...

Neutrals.... very happy with these.....

Now on to make the needed half square triangles for clue #1.  Check back in a couple of days so see if I met the challenge before the next clue comes out on Friday.  


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  1. That will be beautiful--I look forward to seeing it come together.


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