Saturday, December 26, 2015

Alleitare Clue #4

Despite all the Christmas preparation, and travel, I was able to work a little on Alleitare Clue #4.  I'm really loving this so far.  I'm always so anxious to get the next clue and can hardly wait to see that it is.

They're going to finish like this, except my black is green.

This week we're off to Arizona to have Christmas with Hollie, Kyle, Raleigh, and Kameron.  This is their first year back in the States for 3 long years.  They are excited to spend time with family once again.  They went to Kyle's family yesterday.  I most likely won't get to work on it much, if any this week.  But that's okay!  I'll catch up next week or take it on my retreat in January.


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  1. These 30 blocks are taking me the longest too. Perhaps it is the busy season that is making me feel that way.


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