Monday, November 30, 2015

Lone Star Flimsy Finsih

Another Flimsy is in the history books.  I use the strip piecing method to make these Lone Star quilts.  I have made so many of them over the years, I think I could make them in my sleep.  I've taught countless classes on how to make them as well.  At one point in my life (back in the late 80's) I was even making them for a consignment shop in Eureka Springs, AR.  This time I wanted to try to see if I could make one from a jelly roll and I could!  I only had to add 1 cream colored strip to the collection to make it work.  I think I made this one about 4-5 years ago.

Lots of feathers, and curly ques, and pearls, oh my!

Some how I managed to quilt one of the curly ques in the center diamond twice.  I'll have to rip one of the stitching lines out.  It stands out like a sore thumb!



  1. Very pretty, Doris! Love the quilting!

  2. Looks great! Love the quilting patterns you chose!! I'll have to keep these in mind for a future quilt!

  3. When are you going to stop bopping around the country and come home so we can quilt together?


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