Sunday, November 22, 2015

Good Bye Flip Flops & Winners

If you've been watching the weather, you most likely know the Chicago area got it's first snow of the year.  It happened on 11/20/15.  William pointed out that "old timers" say that what ever day it snows on will determine how many snows we'll have the rest of the winter.  Ugh!  20 more snows!!!  YUCK!

This was the view from my studio window on Friday 11/20/15 about noon.

And this was my view on Saturday.

When it started about 5:00 p.m. on Friday, one of the members of this household couldn't have been happier.  He was so excited.  We ran a few errands just as it started.  He was dancing in the streets parking lot!  And of course, no jacket!  It was amazing he had on jeans instead of shorts!

This is what we had Saturday morning.

It snowed, and snowed, and snowed... ALL DAY Saturday.

And look who had so much fun in it.

The King finally got to use his snow blower.  He bought it right after he moved here in March.  He was so disappointed it didn't snow anymore last spring.  NOT ME.  I said if it kept the snow at bay, it was the best money we spent.  

This poor little birdie was trying to find a warm place to stay.  

Poor thing was shivering and cold.  William and I watched it for quite a while on the deck.  Of course we were snug and warm in the house.

So it's good bye to my flip flops for now.  I felt like a mom dropping her child off at the day care and the child clinging to her leg begging her not to go.  That's what my flip flops are saying to me.  No, no don't leave me in this closet.  Oh don't worry, I'll be back for them in 4-5 hours days weeks months.  Maybe sooner when I take off to Arizona or Texas.  

AND WE HAVE WINNERS... 5 of them.... for the Drop In For A Spell Freebie Friday Post.  
Go check out who the lucky 5 are that won the patterns from Oh My Bloomin Threads here.  Please email me with your address so I can send you the pattern.  I've already heard from 3 of you.  Just waiting on 2 more.


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  1. Pretty, but you can have it. No snow here yet. In fact it has been unseasonable warm. I'm A-OK with that. I'm sure wee will get our fair share eventually. Have a great Thanksgiving.


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