Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Bitty Blog Bug

I've been bitten by the "Bitty Block" bug.  On Monday I announced that I had been asked by Quiltmaker to design a Bitty Block.  You can read about it here.  Well, since I'm designing a Bitty Block and decided I'd better jump on the Bitty Block Band Wagon and make a few.

They are pretty addicting.  I love making these sweet little babies.  The finish 3" or 4" and the idea was to make a row quilt with them.  You can see all the Bitty Blocks here.

I decided I didn't have time to make a whole row right now so I'd just make 1 of each of them.  And then I decided I'd make a Bitty Sampler Quilt with the  Bitty Blocks.  In addition to the one I designed (and I did make all that were needed for the row), here's what I made so far.

I'm guessing you see a pattern here in the colors of the blocks.  

Have you made any Bitty Blocks?  



  1. Love your Bitty Blocks. I want to start some tiny blocks .... all by make husband's TV viewing more palatable to me.

  2. So tiny and them!

  3. I'm not fond of making 6" blocks ! I couldn't do one of these....I love yours and admire those who do sew little, but it's just not my thang !


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