Thursday, October 1, 2015

QRC Quilt

Have you ever heard of QRC's?  I'm sure you've seen them around.  They're quite popular these days.  QRC actually stands for Quick Response Code.  It's frankly quite mind boggling to me.  It seems it's made up of a series of black (or dark squares on a white background, that when scanned by a QRC reader will display a message.

My friend Julie made this quilt and it's actually a QRC Quilt. She input a phrase "Fairy's Spring Dance"  into a QRC generator and it produced a code like this

This is Julie's interpretation of it.  I love her colors.  They really do look like Fairies Dancing in Spring colors.

And it really works.  I downloaded a free app on my smart phone, centered the app reader over the picture of the quilt and it worked!!! It came up Fairy's Spring Dance.... just like it was suppose to.  Now how cool is that?  Give it a try, it really works!

I see a QRC quilt in my future with my own phrase.  



  1. I love making these quilts. You can add all kinds of fun stuff to the borders. Get creative.


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