Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pumpkin Carving

It has been several years since I've carved a pumpkin.  I think the last time was when Raleigh was visiting us in Texas and she was about 3 years old.   Today we didn't carve pumpkins with any of the grandkids but we did carve them with new friends here in Illinois.

One of the King's co-workers invited several of us to her home to carve pumpkins on Sunday afternoon.  She lives out in the country on a "gentleman's farm" with her parents.  It was a beautiful place and the weather was nice as well, a bit chilly for me, but for Northern Illinois, it was a gorgeous fall day.

I personally have never heard the term "gentleman's farm".  Wikopedia defines it as

"gentleman's farm is an extremely small or non-operative farm. They are generally small acreages that are not used to produce large amounts of food, grain, or livestock for major markets. Gentleman's farms are also used as hobby farms, for horse rearing, or as bed and breakfast establishments."  

Ok, I've hear of a hobby farm.  You learn something new every day...

Now, back to the pumpkin carving.  Getting all the seeds and gunk out....

I also learned to cut the "hole" in the bottom.  It's much easier to light the candle and then put the pumpkin down over it than it is to try to light the candle already down in the pumpkin.  Pretty neat trick huh?

Some got very creative....

An eerie owl...

A spooky puppy face...

Me ?? I'm a kinda traditional witch girl.... I just made an old fashioned jack-o-lantern.  

 Our only "real kid" in the group, Louella, drew her very own version of a scardy cat.

Pretty darn good for an 8 year old.

Did you notice those bats on the wall in the background.  They were just too cute.

It was also Louella's birthday and her mom arranged for a very special "scardy cat" for her for her birthday.  It seems mom and our hostess Alicia rescued this baby kitten from one of the 3M warehouses.  Louella has been begging for a kitten and even picked out a name for her kitten she was begging to get.   Louella was so surprised when mom gave her this very special kitty she calls "Macaroni".

Louella had a hard time focusing on pumpkin carving after that.  It was a very fun afternoon with great food, drinks, company, and pumpkin carving.

Don't forget about the Halloween Haunts Blog Hop going on right now.  My day is Tuesday 10/20.   


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  1. Looks like a good time you all had. Now I know I have a gentlemen's farm. It used be a working farm when Dad was alive. Just a few chickens, dogs, cats, garden and us. We did have a large flock of turkeys come through for a few days I'm going to post them today.
    Enjoy Today


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