Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Monsters and Aliens

This sweet baby quilt started out as a sweet, innocent baby quilt.  Very cute and simple.  I'm pretty sure my customer Margaret from Texas used a jelly roll to complete it.  Isn't it adorable.  Doesn't look like Monsters and Aliens on the front.  

I quilted this circle meander in key lime thread.

Remember the sweet, innocent baby quilt this started out to be?....Yeah, it turned into a monster for me.  Margaret used the panel (Monsters and Aliens) that coordinates with the jelly roll on the back. 

 I'm usually pretty good at getting the backings centered.  Although I always tell my customers I can't guarantee that it will be perfectly centered.  It's almost impossible to do.  Some quilt patterns and fabrics and battings shrink up differently than others so I do the best I can.  

However, something went haywire this time.  I got to the bottom and I didn't have the amount of fabric left that I should have.  It took me a long time to figure it out.  I re-measured, re-calculated, and still kept coming up with the same answers.  So why wasn't it working out?  

Apparently you need to use the length measurement on the length side of the quilt not the width side.  URGH!!!
I contacted Margaret and told her we had some options.  One was to leave as it or Two I could unsew ALL the quilting and start again.  Bless Margaret's heart, she said she's picked the quilting out of quilts before and knew how long it took.  She graciously agreed to accept it "un-centered".  And I agreed not to charge her for the quilting.  It's still a cute quilt on the front.  



  1. What a cute idea to have the back so different from the front. I actually have one of those panels, haven't done anything with it yet. So glad she was so understanding.

  2. I like it uncentered! I think it looks like an artistic choice. So nice of her to be understanding about it.

  3. I have to say I really like it with the uncentered panel. I'm glad she was willing to leave it as is and you didn't have to pick everything out.


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