Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dog Gone Cute Quilt Back

A lot of people ask me how I piece my backs.  Aside from the obvious that I just sew them together.... I just sew them together.  I usually start with the biggest pieces first and then build to it from there.  I rarely plan it ahead or draw or sketch it out.

I needed a backing for my Dog Gone Cute Quilt.  I was determined not to buy anything else, although that would be easier and quicker, but it wouldn't depleat my stash, it would probably only add to it.   The backing needed to be at least 74 x 94.

I started with the block dot fabric.  I had 66".  Then I found the red/black print that is down the outer sides and top and bottom.

I cut a length half the quilt length of 48" from the red/black print.  I then cut it in half lengthwise so I now have 2 pieces 48" x 21" (half the width of fabric).  I then cut that piece in half widthwise so that I now had 2 pieces 48" x 10 1/2".   I sewed the two pieces 48" x 10 1/2" together end to end to make a piece 95 1/2" x 10 1/2".  Repeat with the other 48" x 21" piece of fabric.  Set these two pieces aside.

Now work on making the black dot fabric section long enough.  I had about 3/4 yard left of the red fabric from above.  I cut it into 2 pieces 13" x WOF (width of fabric).
     66"  black dot fabric plus
     13"  red/black print plus
     13"  red/black print          
     92" less seam allowances.

I needed it a little bit longer so I cut 2 - 2 1/2" strips x WOF of black paw print.  I sewed the 2 1/2" strips to each end of the black dot fabric.  Then I sewed the red 13" to each end of that.  Perfect... a black dot fabric strip that is 42" x 95".

I now have 2 pieces approximately 95 x 10 1/2"  of red/black print  and 1 piece 42" x 95" of black dot pieced.
      10 1/2" red/black print plus
      10 1/2" red/black print plus
      42"       black dot print        
      63" less seam allowances.

I needed it just a little wider.  74" - 63" = 11".  If I cut 6 1/2" x random lengths of the scraps of the black/red/gray used to make the dogs I could piece 2 strips 6 1/2" x 95".
      10 1/2" red strip plus
        6 1/2" scrappy strip plus
       42"      black dot strip plus
        6 1/2" scrappy strip plus
      10 1/2" red strip                
     76"        wide (less seam allowances)

Whoo Hooo!  I have a pieced backing that is now approximately 76" x 95".  I'm ready to quilt the Dog Gone Cute Quilt.


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