Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Queenie Saga Continues

To say that my week has been a little frustrating would be a huge understatement!  I can't remember when I've been so frustrated.

To bring you up to date, Queenie .... Previously I was running Queenie on the original computer she came with, which was a Windows Vista operating system.  A couple of years ago, Gammill/Statler came out with Creative Studio Version 5.0 but you had to upgrade and purchase a computer (from them) with Windows 8.  I decided the one I had would work just fine.  And it has until lightening struck it 2 1/2 weeks ago.  I had no choice but to purchased a new computer (and not from them).  At that point I was pretty excited.  I could actually upgrade to Creative Studio 6.0 now!

Before I could upgrade, I had to upgrade my controller that runs Queen.  So I tracked down the firmware upgrade that was floating around in my Statler Stitcher Group in San Antonio.  Suzanne was a dear and mailed it to me right away.  Bad news though.   The cable connection was the wrong one for the new computer.  I sought advise from the Statler Stitcher Yahoo group and was told I needed an adaptor cable.  I ordered it and it arrived this week.

That's where real frustration set in.  I messed with that darn thing for 3 hours yesterday morning only to give up and wait for William to get out of class this afternoon.  He has messed with it all evening and to no avail.  I tried calling Gammill/Statler but they will offer no support as I didn't buy my computer from them.

So now William has "overhauled" my old computer with Windows Vista on it.  He replaced the power supply and it's now running.  However the lid won't fit on anymore so it has to lay on it's side.  And I'm still running in Creative Studio 4.0 (extremely sad face inserted here).  I was so looking forward to all the new bells and whistles CS6.0 has to offer.  I was up and running for one quilt.... shut it down for the evening and now Queenie won't communicate with the controller.  I'm back to square one again.  And that is to purchase a new computer from them for $1600 plus a service call to come connect it, plus mileage to get here, plus an hourly rate to install.  WHAT!!!!  If I just spent $1600 shouldn't I at least an installation for free????  I still haven't jumped off the deep end on this one.  William says it's BS that we can't use the computer we have.... and I agree but I'm not sure what to do now.

Then let's throw in the closing of our home in Texas.  It has been a long a LONG 9 months coming!   The closing was suppose to happen last Thursday and didn't, and then was suppose to close on Friday, and didn't, then was suppose to close on Monday.
 We finally got the closing papers.  Had to print them from email, take to notary to sign them, and mail them back overnight so the funds could transfer today.  Got all that done, drove to the opposite side of town to mail them back (with the provided address label) at the UPS store, only to find out the label was FedEx so drove BACK across town to FedEx store and got them mailed.  Late today, in the midst of the Queenie issue I find out the funds didn't transfer today.  REALLY??!!!  Can anything else go wrong.

Oh and did I mention my sticker shock with the closing costs.  We've never had to pay closing costs.  3M has always paid them in the past.  Not this time though.  They changed their relocation policy 2 weeks before we got official notice we would be relocating.  Oh and they have since figured out that the new policy (the one we are operating on) wasn't working so they went back to the old one.  Just our luck but pretty typical with the whole fiasco move to Illinois.

Okay my rant is over, carry on my quilting friends with your piecing and stitching.  Have a great rest of the week.  I'll be in the Studio with Queenie trying to figure out a solution.



  1. Sorry for all your frustration but think of it as a learning curve. Next time you'll be able to 'whiz' right through it. L

  2. Ouch. hope things improve for you. Hugs

  3. OMG! That's just insane. All of it. I'm sorry Doris.


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