Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Kathleen Quilt Show

One of my customers from Texas sent me 4 quilts to quilt.  Kathleen usually does simple, panel type quilts like these two.

I usually do an edge to edge design.  I love how she takes a simple panel, adds some blocks or maybe not, and some borders and it turns out to be a cute quilt.  Simple, easy, quick.

But every once in a while she does something like this.  It just charm squares (5" squares) sewn in a row and sashed.  I usually don't do custom quilting on something like this but I just felt like custom was calling my name.  So I did.  

Some feathers....

Some double cross hatching....

And my favorite fabric in the whole quilt.  The colors in the photo are not is bright and vivid as it really is.  I love the chrome yellow and red print.  In fact, I have a Bonnie Hunter, Kiss in the Corner that needs a border and this fabric would be perfect.  

And then Kathleen did this!  I REALLY love this one.  A simple Trip Around The World set on point, add 2 borders and there you have it.  A very stunning quilt.  And more custom quilting...

Kathleen will be so excited to get these back in the mail. 

And one more thing... HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS BEAUTIFUL WOMAN that I'm so proud to call my daughter.  It was also their 6th Anniversary last week on September 16th.  


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  1. Hi Doris - Nice work! You are, the Queen of Quilting. I'm especially fond of the first quilt shown, Hungry Animal Alphabet. ;-)


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