Sunday, September 6, 2015

Quilter's Abacus

At one of the retreats I was on here lately, one of the ladies had a nifty little gadget sitting beside here sewing machine.  I inquired as to what it was.  She told me it was a Quilter's Abacus.  She said her husband made it for her.

It seems he kept interrupting her while she was cutting the needed few hundred squares or triangles or strips necessary for Bonnie Hunter and Jo & Kelli Kramer's retreat and she kept losing count.  One time he left and returned later with it.

The beads can represent any quantity you want.  For instance each one can represent just one square or each bead can represent 10 squares.  You decide and then just push the beds one direction or the other for your counting needs.

Pretty neat huh?

Want to see my Quilter's Abacus?

It's a Post-it Note pad; courtesy of my husband too.  He likes it when I use the 3M products he brings home from the scrappy sale.  Personally I like the beaded one the best but you gotta use what you have so guess I'll be using my pencil and paper for a while longer.  Maybe my dad will make me one.



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