Friday, September 11, 2015

Quilt Expo Madison WI

A friend and I went to the Quilt Expo in Madison WI this week.  We thought if we went on Thursday there would be less of a crowd.  Hmmm... that's what we get for thinking.  That place was packed!  We were shoulder to shoulder the entire day. However, we did have a nice surprise when we got out of the car in the parking lot.  A very nice lady came walking up to us and asked us if we had already purchased our tickets for the show.  We had not.  She had 2 extra that were given to her free so she was paying it forward and gave them to us.  I have never been on the receiving end of a random act of kindness.  That was so nice!!

I managed to refrain from buying too much.  I really wanted an Acquilt Cutting Machine but didn't indulge.  I really needed a new large cutting mat for my cutting table.  They had them there in the one giant mat size (36 x 72) but they also had a giant mat size price tag; something like $189 and that was a "show special).  Maybe it was but once again I didn't splurge.  I could have got the 3 mats that clamp together for a lesser price but how would that be any different than buying 3 separate cutting mats.  You still have a crack that your rotary cutter won't cut through the fabric.

I saw some nifty magnetic quilt hangers like these.  You can see them here.  But apparently I'm a tight wad and I didn't splurge on these either.

Here is what I did get though.  

See how good I was!  In a sea of vendors with anything imaginable quilting related and this is all I came home with.  I think I did pretty good.  My friend was a good girl too.  She didn't come home with anymore than I did.  

Oh would you like to see a few of the quilts we saw?  I'll have to say I was just a little disappointed.  I expected to see more "wow factor" quilts.  Don't get me wrong, there were some beautiful quilts and some fabulous quilting .  I do apologize to the quilt makers making some of these quilts.  I was more than half way through the exhibit when I realized I wasn't taking a photo of the credit sheet.  It was way too crowded to try to go back.  

I liked the colors, I like the layout, and I liked the quilting, I just like everything on this one.  

This was a neat memory quit.  The stars were made from this woman's dad's shirts.
Update:  09-11-15 7:20 p.m.  One of my readers just emailed me and said she recognized the quilt.  "It was made by Diane from I Dew Quilting, the gentleman who died was her boss and she made several quilts from his shirts for his family. "  Thank you Jen for the update.  

The quilter quilted the names of all of his children and grandchildren in the negative space in the background.  What a neat idea.

Some bright applique.  I really liked the colors of this quilt.  Of course the quilting and the applique were fabulous.

Art quilts don't usually catch my eye too much but I did like this one a lot.  

Just a fun, cute quilt.

I was afraid I wouldn't get to show a picture of my favorite color scheme.  But how could it be a quilt show without an Americana quilt?   Alas, one single solitary red/white/blue quilt.  Of course, we are in the "Land of Lincoln" (or at least right next door to the "Land of Lincoln").  

If you're up Madison Wisconsin way this weekend, be sure to buzz by the show.  


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  1. It sounds like you had a great time Doris. I recognise the memory quilt - it was made by Diane from I Dew Quilting, the gentleman who died was her boss and she made several quilts from his shirts for his family.


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