Sunday, September 20, 2015

Five Dollar Block

In August I signed up for the Five Dollar Block of The Month at the local (30 miles away) quilt shop, Stitching on State in Hampshire, IL.  My friend Julie twisted my arm to do it.  :)  The fabrics are beautiful, Moda French General.

It's a pretty neat program.  You pay $5 for the first month's block.  If you take it back complete, you get the 2nd month free and every month thereafter free as long as you bring the next one back complete to the next month's meeting.  So potentially you could have enough blocks for a quilt and only pay $5 for them.  Of course, the quilt shop is banking on the fact that you'll purchase a finishing kit to go with your blocks or that you'll miss a month or two or three and have to pay the $5 again each time you miss.  I usually fail at some point in the program and end up paying my $5 again... not because I didn't complete the blocks but because I go off running around the country at the wrong time of the month.

This time the block wasn't completed all in the same month.  For September, we made these units for 2 blocks.  Pretty simple and straightforward.

This month's units for the 2 blocks was a little more tricky.  It shouldn't have been, it really wasn't that hard if you follow directions they give you.  Remember when I said a few posts back that I like to look at the pictures and not necessarily read the directions.  Well it got me in trouble.  The first attempt I put the fold of the little flap going the wrong direction.  I didn't take a picture of it.  

The second attempt I got the half square triangles going the wrong direction and created a new design opportunity.  However it wasn't going to work in this block.

Finally, third time is a charm... I got it right!

The triangle flap is just like the "five minute blocks and ten minute blocks" that are so popular.  I can't decide if I'm going to leave the edges straight or pull them back in the middle to make it curved.  

So this is what you get when you put all three units together to make 2 blocks.  For now I'm leaving the triangles straight. 

I'm ahead of schedule.  My blocks are finished for the next meeting October 3es.  Oh and my friend Julie.... she made her blocks "hot off the press" in time for the meeting last month.  I was to pick her up 30 minutes before the meeting time at the quilt shop.  She text me and said she was finishing her blocks.  I waited 10 more minutes knowing we'd be late but figured she needed the extra time to get her units done.  I was right.  Now folks, that's procrastination at it's finest and truly "hot off the press".  And y'all thought I was a last minute gal.   Julie assures me this isn't a habit but I'm thinking birds of a feather flock together.  Sorry Julie....


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