Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday Tips, Tricks, and Tuts - Quilt Binding

This week on Tuesday Tips, Tricks, and Tuts - Quilt Binding, I want to share with you some information about quilt binding from Marie MacDermind that was posted on the Quilts of Valor Facebook Page.

This is what she has to say:

"To all Longarmers and quilters,
When I judge finished quilts, I look carefully at the binding. We want it to be full of batting, so that the binding is rounded and full. For skimmy bindings, I deduct 15 or more points from a 100 point judging score.
When a binding has insufficient batting, it doesn’t wear well.

She goes on to say...
Straight-of-the-cloth, double fold binding is preferred; bias binding isn’t because most quilts have straight edges. Bias binding is for quilts with scalloped edges.
Thank you for heeding these techniques, gleaned from studying with the best of our USA prominent quit instructors and judges for over 40 years."

So there you have it from one expert.  Now for my two cents...

I rarely use a bias binding on a straight edge quilt, but there is one exception... If I'm using a stripe or a plaid sometimes I like the look that the stripe or plaid gives when cut on the bias; like these gingham prints.

See what a difference the look of the binding will give the quilt depending how it's cut according to the direction of the stripe.

The one one the left is the lengthwise grain of the fabric.  The binding in the middle is cut on the bias.  And the one of the right is cut across the width of the fabric (like I would normally cut a binding).  What a difference each of the 3 would make on the binding of the quilt.  

I have a couple more posts about binding to share with you in the future.  Binding can sometimes make or break a quilt.  It sure puts the finishing touch on a quilt (no pun intended).  


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  1. great post and I didn't know that about the bias binding, so I'll keep it in mind, I'd rather not do bias so that will make me get binding done faster. I do agree tho with the idea of the stripes, I'd also go with the diagonal cut. :)


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