Monday, August 3, 2015

Thanks to You Quilt

Day 3 of the Retreat was spent with Jo and Kelli at Jo's Country Junction.  I've been looking forward to meeting them for quite some time.  They are everything I expected; very sweet, fun, down to earth girls that I can relate to.   I feel like I've known them forever after just meeting and spending time with them for a few minutes.

Their project for us at the retreat was the Thanks to you Quilt from their book Country Girl Modern.  You can find the book on their blog here.

And I bet you can't guess what colors I'm doing it in.... wait for it..... Yes, Why Yes!  It's red, white, and blue!  I have two large (and I do mean large) tubs of red, white, and blue fabrics so why not bust that stash a little?

Who would have thought a random, hap-hazard placement of a triangle like this.....

Could make a wonky star tip like this...

This one actually looks pretty even, but trust me it really isn't and it fits right in with the others.

These are a few of the wonky star tips...

That make the wonky stars like these....

Along with some sashing strips like these....

That make a row like this....

Only 10 more rows to go!  Needless to say I will be working on this for a while.  It will make a great leaders and enders project for me.  I've got to get started on my EQ7 Row Along quilt that I'm making for the blog hop.  September 1st will be here before you know it.  There are some great rows planned for you and some great tips for using EQ as well.  You won't want to miss it!



  1. Hi! Maybe it is just me. But if I can figure out the pattern from this then I don't think that you should post it. The designers work hard on their patterns. And Jo even linked to your page.

    1. Anonymous, I would love to reply to your comment but you are a no-reply commenter. Sorry!

    2. Hello Anonymous. You can find instructions for the wonky star on Bonnie Hunters web site and she is very good friends with Jo and Kelli. There are no secrets for the wonky star block. Anyone could easily design this layout. In fact, I did five years ago with 6 inch blocks.

  2. I emailed Jo and Kelli at Jo's Country Junction and provided a link to my blog post. They wrote back that they were fine with my blog post so it remains as is.


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