Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Possessed Snowmen

I'm working on a top secret project again and I have created "possessed snowmen".    I didn't mean to... it just happened!

First I did this and didn't really like it.

Then I decided I needed to fill in the eyes and mouth.  It is black coal after all.  

Nope, still possessed.  

It is interesting how the point of the carrot nose changes the expression on their faces.

Oh well, after all that time and effort, they're still going in the quilt, possessed or not.  Actually when placed in the quilt, they really look completely different and don't have that demon look. 

Be sure and come back later in September to see how it turned out.



  1. Lol, I like your possessed snowmen! It is amazing how different they can look just by changing a few things.

  2. Cracked me up!!! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!! Sure hope we get enough snow this winter that I can make a demented snowman on my front lawn!!

  3. I love your snowmen. They remind me of Dr Who characters. Very sinister. Looking forward to the big reveal.


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