Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A New Apron

Hallelujah!  My babies are back in the USA from Japan.... for good!  Whoo Hoo!  Their next chapter in their life will begin in Yuma Arizona.  But I'm not complaining.  Yes, it's a long way to Arizona but not nearly as far as Japan.  I can hop on a plane and be there in a few hours to Arizona.  I couldn't do that when they were in Japan nor could I afford it either.

It's hard to believe this sweet princess is already 7 years old.  One of the first things she said to me was "Nana, can we sew tomorrow?"  Well of course we can!  She wanted to make an apron so we went shopping (at Walmart, the only place open at 9:00 at night in my small hometown).  It was a challenge to convince her she shouldn't put minion themed fabric for pockets on the cherry themed fabric she picked out for the apron. 

She is such a natural at it.  

It only took her a couple of hours to complete the whole thing.  She did every bit of the sewing!

Grandma was really proud of her too.

And this Nana was even more proud of her.

Of course we couldn't leave little brother out of the photos.

Later that day it was a family get together.  These are my 3 adult babies Hollie, William, and Drew.  Two of the grands made the picture too.  Hollie's son Kameron on the left and Drew's son Emmett on the right.

Some yummy homemade ice cream and strawberries.  Delicious!

And some more of the grands... Hollie daughter Raleigh on the left and Drew's daughter Josie on the right.  My niece Ryelyn and nephew Braxton in the back.

They all love Uncle William....

Did I mention how happy I am to have them back!  I only got to spend one evening and one full day with them before I had to leave to go to my retreat.  But I'm going to Arizona in September for Hollie's birthday so all will be fine.

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  1. Doris how great to have your family together. Looks like you have a future quilter coming along.

  2. Such a sweet beautiful girl and to sew her very own apron so well is fabulous. Family together and making memories is wonderful!


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