Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The New Studio

I hesitate to show you my new studio because it isn't exactly where I'd like for it to be.  But I'm guessing it might always be a "work in progress" so I decided to show you what I have and then just update you when I make some changes.  

Welcome to the Queen's Palace.  This photo was taken from the top of the stairs where the bedrooms are.

This was taken from the bottom of the steps in the main level of the house.

The King and I made these shelves for my thread.  I LOVE THEM!!!  They're not perfect not would they pass any woodworker's standards, especially not my dad's... but they are finished and function just perfectly so I'm good with that.  This little area is what I call an alcove.  It's about 6' wide and about 8' deep.  It's one of the few places in the studio that has 8' ceilings too.  On the left side I have my ironing station and some shelving storage under the table.  The table is actually a work bench from Harbor Freight.  

On the right side are book cases that I moved from Texas that house my many tubs of UFO's and fabric scraps.  The white cabinet on the end also has UFO's and such but it also has lots of my rulers hanging from 3M Command Hooks both on the inside and out.

Next to the white cabinet is my cutting station.  My cutting table is 30+ years old and my original mat is worn out but I like the size.  It's larger than most you buy today.  I purchased shelving unit to fill in the gaps under the table. They are perfect for books!

In the middle of the room is my Queenie.  I barely have enough room to go around the end due to the stairwell.  Maybe it will motivate the weight loss program... NOT... or at least it never did in Brownwood.  I didn't have anymore room to walk around the end there either.

Behind Queenie to the left is an area that I have my desk.  I'm waiting for the King and William to move an ugly green file cabinet up from the basement.  I'm going to paint and put beside the desk.... maybe...

Behind Queenie in the middle is my sewing table and station.  I absolutely love my new sewing table.  It has lots of room to collect stuff work on quilts!  

To the right of the sewing station is another small sewing station and my embroidery machine that I can't get to work since the move.   I use the machine for various projects and maybe one of my new friends will come over and sew and she can use that machine and not have to drag hers upstairs.

At the far end of the room is a love seat that the King can come sit and relax and talk to me while I sew... yeah right.... ok, the love seat is for me to pile things on.  Originally we thought the King might come up there and sit and watch TV but William nabbed on to the TV for the basement and besides the quilting machine was too noisy for the King's liking.  So one of these days the love seat will go to the basement and I'll replace it with a really cool cabinet of some sort.  And yes, there is still a moving box that isn't unpacked yet.  It contains papers and books I can't decide where or what to do with so for now it still sits there.  

Next to the love seat is my antique cabinet I bought that used to be from a  dry goods store in Fort Scott Kansas.  I put my scraps that I cut up the Bonnie Hunter Scrap System way in the drawers.  It's perfect for that.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  I love my new studio.  It still isn't big enough (sigh) but it's way bigger and better than what I had in Texas.  The spare bedroom at the top of the stairs isn't too far away and it has the remainder of my collection in it.  Maybe someday I'll have the studio of my dreams!


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  1. It is a beautiful creative space. I've had my sewing room for a year and still don't have it the way I want it.


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