Thursday, July 16, 2015

Quilt Retreat Challenge

I follow a few blogs and have since I started blogging.  Some I still follow and some I've picked up and started following after awhile.  One that I have following a long time is  Jo and Kelli and Jo's Country Junction.  Another I have followed for quite a while is Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville Quips and Snips.  I have to admit I didn't start following Bonnie until my friend Linda in Texas drug me to one of her workshops.  What a blessing that has been!  I've been hooked ever since.  So when Jo and Kelli announced they were teaming up with Bonnie and hosting a quilt retreat I was super excited.  I hesitated for quite some some on whether or not to spend the money and go, so long in fact that I almost missed out on getting in on the retreat.   But I finally bit the bullet and sent my money in.  I'm so glad it did (even if it interferes with a visit with my daughter and grandkids that are finally coming home for good from Japan.... more on that later).

Anyway, Jo and Kelli are giving us a challenge.  You don't have to be going to the retreat to participate though.  You can read about the challenge here.  At first I was a little disappointed.  I had started my quilt Strip Twist at the workshop from Bonnie and had just finished it up because I wanted to take it along on the retreat for show and tell.  I was pretty proud of myself for finishing it way ahead of the retreat date.  Then the following week after finishing it Jo and Kelli announce this challenge.  Well darn.... now I don't have anything to work on for the challenge.  I was NOT going to start yet another project.  I've got enough of those to last a very long time.  Then while searching my stash for fabric for the projects we're working on at retreat I found this UFO that I forgot I had.

It's my Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt that Bonnie had last Dec/Jan.  I have very little done on it, mostly just a sample of each of the units.  I did it in Halloween fabrics and colors. 

Yay, I have a project that I can participate in the challenge with.  Don't expect much more progress though.  I have too many irons in the fire already.  But hey, even if it's only a couple more blocks... that's progress... right?



  1. Oh goody, another retreater. Hope to see you there.

  2. I love the Halloween idea! How creative :)


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