Monday, July 6, 2015

Graduation Quilts

I told you in this post that I had some deadlines approaching.  I met my deadlines for the graduation quilts (except for one) and the Thank You Quilt for my friend Wanda.

All three of these boys were William's best friends when we lived in Arkansas.  Here is Joe's Quilt.  Joe is in band and a traveling choir so music was quite appropriate for him.  The pattern is Labrynth by Calico Carriage.

Logan practically lived with us when we lived there.  His parents are fire fighters and work 24 hours on and then 48 hours off.  When they were on duty, Logan spent the night with us and I made sure they got to school, picked up, etc.  So see, he really did practically live with us.  I made him this wildlife quilt using the Take 5 Pattern by Teacher's Pet.

I designed this quilt for Ryan.  He, and Joe, and William were on the same baseball team and all of the parents "hung out" together when we lived there.  It's not completely pieced yet and I didn't use these fabrics, just the design...

I also designed this quilt for Wanda as a Thank You gift for providing a bed and breakfast her house when we visit in Arkansas.  Wanda and I were sorority sisters and really good friends.  She lived just a few blocks away from us in our neighborhood in Arkansas.  Wanda and her late husband loved antique cars and attended many, many antique car shows.  When I saw this vintage car fabric I knew I had to make a quilt for Wanda.  I also thought the friendship block was the perfect companion.

Whew!!!!  I met my deadline (mostly) and am ready to go have a good time with old friends in Arkansas.

P.S.S.....  I am so irritated with myself.  I set the quilts down in the garage to load something else first and guess what .... I forgot the quilts in Illinois.  I was about an hour and a half down the road when I realized it and with a 10+ hour drive ahead of me, I didn't dare turn around and go back.  I'll have to mail them.  URGH!!!  Getting old and forgetful is very irritating!


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  1. Great job on getting the quilts finished - they look great!!! About the last thing...been there, done that, paid the price!!! Just so frustrating! But it is not just a factor of daughter, 27, moved to Hawaii and I got to take her, her hubby, a cat and a dog to the airport, along with TEN pieces of luggage on Monday. I got up at 4 AM to get them to the airport before 6. Get there, park, load 3 trolleys and push them into the airport. Hmm, no one was at the counter for her airline and she had to check the cat and dog an hour before the flight left. She called to find out where everyone was while digging out her etickets...oops, the flight left at 6, not check-in at 6! She had to re-schedule for Tuesday (paying an extra $600 because of the switch), so I had to get up at 3 AM to do it all over again this morning! I think it is more a function of a mind that can only hold on to so much at a time and was on overload!!!


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