Sunday, June 28, 2015

Decisions, Decisions

I have to share a top secret project with you and maybe you can help me make a decision as to what direction I should go with it.

I recently designed a quilt.

I've even named it on my own.. y'all didn't have to help me this time... but don't worry, there will be lots of other opportunities to help me name quilts.  Now it's decision time....

Here are my choices:

  1. I can write the pattern and publish it right away.
  2. I can submit it to Moda's Bake Shop since it uses a jelly roll and some yardage.  That would give me lots of exposure and traffic to my blog, which would potentially give me sales of my other patterns.   (Of course just because I submit it to Moda doesn't mean they will accept it.)
  3. I can hold on to it and put it with the other patterns I've been designing for a book that I hope I will get accepted for publication by a book publishing company.  
So... what do you think???  Which option should I choose????  Decisions, decisions!



  1. It looks like a perfect fit for Moda Bakeshop! So cute!!!!!

  2. Bakeshop, but start writing that pattern now.

  3. I'd say Moda too. I love going to that site and have been drawn to many blogs because of it.

  4. Moda Bakeshop. It would give you a lot more traffic to your block and lead to more opportunities for you to share/sell your designs.

  5. Moda bake shop seems to be a popular choice, but I believe they provide fabric free of charge for quilts. So if you have another design, you could submit it instead and take advantage of free fabric. I'd write the pattern for this quilt now, whatever you decide, then it will be done and ready to go when you make a decision. I also have a 4th option - you could submit it to a magazine.

  6. I would write the pattern and submit it to one or two of the quilting quickly type magazines. That would give you exposure and since you would have the pattern ready you could ship it on a moments notice for photos. You might also submit it to Moda and see who wants it first.


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