Monday, June 15, 2015

A New Steam Iron

I have to admit, I have a thing for antique irons.  I guess you could say I own a couple.

These irons adorn the steps going up to my studio.  I really don't have another spot to display them and who needs a stairway 6' wide?  I can surely spare 12" of space.  It still makes my stairway 5' wide.  

This weekend I came across this iron.  It was sitting on the floor of an antique/junk shop (just the iron without the box).

 I passed it up the first time around but the owner was a smooth operator and noticed I looked at it.  He told me that was a really nice iron in new condition and it was only $10.  I said I saw it and considered it for my iron collection.  He then goes behind the counter and pulls out this box and says I really should get it as he is betting none of my other irons still have the original box and paperwork.  He was right.

Check out this brochure.  Who remembers the coupon points in the back of the books?  Not me, I'm way to young to remember that!  

I told you he as a smooth operator.... Yes, I bought the iron.  It's a wonderful vintage steam iron and I'm betting that it has never been used.  



  1. fun!!! I love the iron collection.

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