Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sinnissippi Quilt Show

Do you spell Sinnissippi anything like Mississippi ... you know the little ditty you would sing when you were a kid ...  M - i - crocked letter, crocked letter - i - crocked letter, crocked letter - i - hump back, hump back - i....  apparently the area around Rockford IL is named Sinnissippi meaning Rock River.  So now you've had your history lesson for the day... how about a little peak of a few quilts from the Sinnissippi Quilt Show....

This quilt won Best of Show.  I was a little surprised but it was a neat and different quilt.  

This one reminded me of a rug... 

Those lines for the pound signs (or as the kids now days say hash tags) are only 1/4" wide.  Pretty tiny!

Immediately thought of my friend Linda back in Texas.  She loves red and white quilts.

Of course you know I love red/white/blue.

I took this for future reference.... it's a Tie Quilt.... I know someone will ask me to make a Tie quilt someday from their dad/son/brother's old ties.  

Mike, one of the members of the DeKalb County Quilters Guild made this quilt.  It's his second quilt to make.  He designed it himself.  It's only 39" square.  Pretty awesome...  and he received honorable mention!  

Just because I like pinwheels and flowers and I thought it was pretty.

And this quilt reminded me of my Texas friend Vickie at More Stars in Comanche.  It looks like something creative she would do.

Yes... another red/white/blue.

I really liked the color in this cathedral window wall hanging quilt.  

A beautiful hexagon quilt.  Check out the backing in the next photo.

As if the quilter didn't make enough hexi's for the front.  This border goes all the way around the backing... 

And last... 

Hope you enjoyed a sample of the 200+ quilts I saw at the Sinnissippi Quilt Show.  


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  1. Beautiful quilts! Interesting that an art quilt took best of show - unusual but this quilt is really unique and someone put a ton of work into it!


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