Friday, May 15, 2015

Quilts of Valor May 2015

Last year I had a goal to complete or quilt at least one Quilts of Valor a month.  I failed miserably!  I didn't even come close!  So I still have that same goal for 2015.  It's already May and I'm behind the eight ball already!  But I did redeem myself and am closer to my goal and catching up.

I quilted not one, but three Quilts of Valor Quilts this month.  My friend Marsha in Oklahoma (who used to live in Texas) makes a lot of Quilts of Valor Quilt tops.  She sends them to me and patiently waits for me to work them in.  I got all three finished for her in one month!  Whoo Hoo! We're not going to talk about how long she's been patiently waiting.....

Quilts of Valor is very near and dear to me.  It is one of the few charity quilts I do and feel it is a most worthwhile cause.  The soldiers ALWAYS appreciate receiving a quilt and thank me over and over.  I am the one who should be thanking them over and over; and I do!  They sacrifice and give so much for our freedom that a quilt a very small token of my appreciation and the least I can do!



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