Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lost Quilt

William and I were brainstorming the other day about quilt patterns that I need to write.  I have a few quilts in my collection that are my original patterns but had never that about publishing a pattern for them.  One of them was a quilt he had made himself in his early teens.  I commented that I also needed to write the directions for the other quilt he made.... and the argument began.  He was convinced we have all the quilts he had ever made right here in front of us.  I was convinced there was one more; I even knew the fabric and colors it was made from.... and then the search began for the Lost Quilt.

I looked everywhere I thought it could be and he looked back in my scrapbooks and pictures.  The only clue he came up with was a newspaper article that stated he won a ribbon for a quilt entered that was called "No Name".  Imagine that.  I was sure that was the quilt.  I looked one more time in a closet I had a few quilts in.  There it was.... I just missed it the first time... and score one for Mom.  I was right!

So now he thinks its the ugliest quilt he's ever seen.  He thinks the colors are hideous!  I've promised to re-make it in other colors and more modern feel type fabrics.  The pattern will be coming soon for the Lost Quilt that is now found.

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  1. Good that you found it! I wouldn't say it was an ugly quilt at all. Very bright and cheery!


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